Analytics Designer Handbook

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Learn everything there is to know about Analytics Designer all in one place. The handbook includes instructions on how to get started, design an application, scripting, widgets, best practices and more.


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    Hello @Natasha Pirani ,

    Can you give me advice is there anyway how to get the BestRun_Advance Modell (Excel File) that use for all the exercises? is there any Link source to download the modell? Thank you in advance!



  • Hello Surya,

    did you look into the samples for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics designer that can be installed ?


    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

  • Hello @Ingo Hilgefort ,

    Thank you for your quick respond. Yes, indeed I've already build more on stories mode. But unfortunately as I would like to practice the analytics design mode through the handbook I found less measures on my pre-installed data modell (BestRunJuice_Sample) compare to I've already mentioned above. Example on this model (BestRun_Advance) or based on the handbook you have more key figures with gross margin to build the table.

    As I compare with the pre-installed on my tenant:

    Did I miss something with the configuration? Thank you in again, Ingo!

  • Somehow I managed to do without "keyfigure-dropdown" function.

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