SAC Connectivity setup

Dear Team - Our Customer is trying to connect HANA with SAC. HANA version is 1.0 & SAC version is 2020.1.2.

Of the 2 methods possible – Cloud connector and CORS, customer initially preferred the former as it was already configured as part of a different project and they wanted to leverage it. Also, the latter required set up of proxy settings and public URL.

There is a failure while using the Cloud connector method – “Failed to call SAP Analytics Cloud agent. Please contact your administrator to ensure that SAP Analytics Cloud agent is running, is configured correctly, and is reachable from the SAP HANA Cloud Connector. HTTP Status: /deploymentInfo”.

what approach should be used for the connectivity and why?

Many Thx, Pritam Dutta


  • This error occurs when SAC checks connectivity with SCC and it does not receive an answer from the agent.

    This may be due to malfunctioning SCC/Agent or a connectivity issue.

    First, try to open the URL (in SCC server) http://SERVER:PORT/deploymentInfo to test if SCC/Agent is running ok. You should get a code with the version, but If it does not work, the Agent / Tomcat are not working properly or are not started. Check if service is running.

    If it works and you get the version code, the problem is in the connectivity between SAC and SCC. Try to open the URL from outside the SCC server, to check if PORT is open in firewall. If not, open it.

    If URL runs ok, but not from SAC, check CORS configuration, and that the browser allows popups and cookies.

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