Universe UNX Live Connection

  • We started promoting our mobile reporting platform to SAP Analytics Cloud in December 2019.
  • Being a SAP BO client for 5 years we already have many reports and dashboards established on SAP Universes and this made it easier to decide on SAC. We also run SAP S4HANA( 1610,S4 Core 101, NW SP01.
  • We have data foundations integrate around 100 M records of data sets to feed reports where users drill down or set parametric filters to display their needed results.
  • Therefore we picked “on premise – SAP Universe Unx Live connection “ where we would not bother synchorising data to the cloud server and be blocked by any limitation, as we know import connection enables only 800K record count.
  • Also we note that import connection synchronise the data hourly, the quickest, which is far below our mobile reporting requirements. We need to update every five minutes.
  • However we are disappointed to be informed that SAP Universe Unx Live connection does not support mobile reports. This was the main charm for us to implement SAC.

Is there any way we can overcome these two limitations( 800k row limitation and mobile live reports? We don't use BW and there are other systems ( Hybris DB, TM1 Cognos etc ) integrated to our DWH system.


  • Hello Cem,

    the 800K rows is the current limit and you will see that being increased nearly each quarter. With the Q1 QRC release this will increase.

    Also keep in mind that this limit is basically per "import job", so you could use a dimension filter to create several data loading jobs for large volumes.

    Best Regards

    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

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    Hi @Ingo Hilgefort,

    thanks for your prompt reply. We will try to use a dimension filter .

    Do you have any idea about Universe UNX Live Collection in mobile reporting?

    Thanks in advance,

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