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Hello Experts

We have an issue that some of our dimensions seem to include system client 100 to SAC for some reason? This happens to both Live and Import, and of course with Import we can just trim it away but that seems not to be possible with Live. In the example below it includes "100" as you can see which is our PEC client.

Why is this happening?


  • harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions Developer India

    Hi @Frederik Ulf Hansen,

    From your screenshot, it looks like your Store Location has some compounded key.

    I guess you are consuming data from BW source, when you consume a compounded dimension from BW, the compounded key will get prefixed automatically.

    In your case, <Compounded dimension>/<Storeage Location>, where the compounded dimension may be plant or company code or any other dimension.

    Kindly check your backend system regarding the compounding of storage location dimension.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hello @harikrishnans

    Thank you for your answer! You are indeed correct that we are using BW and that the dimension Storage Location has an Association and that is compounded through System Client (100). What is the solution to this though? We of course use alot of Associations but we do not want this Prefix showe in SAC.

    Can it really be that SAC does not support BW Associations properly?


  • harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions Developer India

    @Frederik Ulf Hansen,

    The purpose of compounded attributes or dimensions is to uniquely identify them.

    Not only in SAC, all the reporting layers connected with BW systems will display compounded attributes along with their compounded keys to make sense.

    If your storage locations makes sense without source systems, whats the purpose of having it as compounded dimension in BW.


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