Why is there by default a filter on version in charts?

Hi guys,

I want to work with two versions in the chart but cannot because there is a filter on the version by default. Here

Unfortunately, there is now way to do a multiple selection.. :/

Any ideas?


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  • harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions Developer India

    Hi @Georg 0 ,

    Can you please elaborate a little more about the scenario (what are you trying to achieve). If you want to compare different versions of data in a chart, you can go with restricted measure option. i.e., create different restricted measures as per your filtering criteria and then compare them in charts.



  • Hi Hari, Thanks.

    Sure, "i.e., create different restricted measures as per your filtering criteria and then compare them in charts." was exactly what I was trying to do. I have to restricted measures named "20-01-2020" and "17-01-2020" based on 2 versions. However, since the filter below is only allowing one version I cannot show the both.

  • Hello Georg,

    it might be a strange question - but did you define the different versions - including Version mapping - as part of your model when you uploaded the data ? Perhaps double-check that.

    On the variance part you also should look at the option to Add a Variance to your chart and as part of the variance definition you can then choose which versions you would like to compare against each other.

    Best Regards

    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

  • Hi Ingo,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I did not define the versions somewhat initially when I created the model (and planning capabilities are also disabled for the model). However, when updated the data, I did this on a new version in data management of the model (eg. Forecast) - that seemed to work - as you can see, I can choose from two different versions:

    Variance does lead to some results in a bar chart, however I want to see a simple comparison, e.g. in a table. If I do it with restricted measures as cross calculations I again have the problem of the filter:

    Filter on 17-01-2020, 20-01-2020 does not show anything:

    Filter on 20-01-2020 and 17-01-2020 does not show anything:

    There must be a way to solve this!?😣

    By the way, I did this already for a different client for which it worked (as per below) so what is causing this setting?


  • Thanks Ingo, I now managed to get this running. Key to success was to also add the version as a seperate column. Then automatically the filter at the bottom is set to "multiple choice". Great!

  • Maybe as a quick follow-up question: How would you now calculate the difference between actual and budget in a seperate column based on your table above?

    Do you have to define both versions as restricted measures first to then calculate the difference between those to versions? that would work but is quite cumbersome

  • Thanks Lucas. That helped. Sometimes I get quite confused what can be done in a chart vs builder vs data model..

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