How to assign a dimension as Unit to a Measure in SAC?

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For Live connection this is no issue as we have already assigned the dimension to the measure in BW. However, am I not able how to assign a dimension as Unit to a Measure in an Imported model? As I see it, I can only write a manuel and Fixed unit labels which is of course not what we want as this can be incorrect.

We of course cannot use a fixed label as we have Keyfigures with multiple Units of Measure.

Am I doing something wrong?


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  • Hello Frederik,

    for the measure you can also configure the type - for example currency or Percentage - in the actual model. In regards to Units, you can then also create your own Unit as part of the model.

    Could you be more specific on what you are looking for ?


    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

  • Hi @Ingo Hilgefort

    We have measures which contain entrys with different Units assigned to them. see example below. Live connection can handle this, but how to get this to work with Import? We are not interested in converting the units to 1 single unit.

    Measure Quantity

    row 1 : 10 Kg

    row 2 500 Gram

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