Waterfall Charts - BW Live Connection

Hi fellow SAC journeymen/women & experts,

I have been seeing plenty of interest in the market for SAC and it is wonderful to see SAP having a answer (sort of) to PowerBI and Tableau.

I have been working with BW Live connections so far on most of my projects and one of the things that is a bit difficult to do is - Waterfall charts.

Waterfall charts have been ok when it comes to a single measure (and as defined by SAP - two dimensions), but I have always been stuck when you need a waterfall chart for variance analysis - NPAT Plan to NPAT Actuals comparison scenarios with Price, Volume and FX effects being shown.

I can achieve the requirements in BW Queries using cell definitions for cross calculations, but hamstrung when it comes to using these figures (Multiple measures in BW Queries) in to SAC stories.

Anyone has had any success with these kind of scenarios?


  • Hello Subbu,

    currently the waterfall chart doesn't support BW Queries with 2 Structures in the query, but all other scenarios are supported.

    Perhaps you can share an outline of what you would like to achieve as Waterfall chart and how your BW Query is structured and we then go from there.


    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

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