Version handling across planning models

Hi experts,

Please can someone explain how version management can be done easily across different LOB planning models, feeding a central enterprise model? We find it very cumbersome that we are forced to create public versions in each model.


  • Hi Jef,

    Using data actions to copy data between LOB and enterprise models is the classic approach. I am guessing based on your post that you are already using this method.

    What are your thoughts to further streamline this activity?



    SAC Product Management

  • Hi Dereke,

    Well, many ideas. But regarding versioning we would love to see more of:

    • A 'global' version dimension that can be shared across planning models, as currently we have to log into each model to create the same version.
    • A version dimension where we can specify time horizons centrally instead of having to specify this within each model and story
    • A better / guided approach to create new versions -> with mandatory properties (e.g. drop down which rate category to use, which time horizon, etc.)

    All 3 items above were in the original SAP BO Cloud for Planning solution, but somehow got removed when SAC was developed further.


    • Native support of a scenario dimension (like a sub-version), as currently if you create a separate scenario dimension and a user forgets to select this in the story you see the summation of all scenarios. Or find a way to default queries to '#' if users don't select it in their stories. Where '# - Unassigned' could be your base-case scenario. And then leverage these scenarios in VDT & other areas.
    • A better forecast and rolling forecast layout that supports look-back and look-ahead for multiple versions (Actual, BudgetX, PlanZ, PlanX, Latest Estimate ,etc.) and hopefully based on the centrally maintained time horizon in the global version dimension, requiring minimal story builder intervention.
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