Cumulated data in SAC in tables and line diagrams


I have a problem I couldn't find a solution for so far. The following is for a project dashboard to display payments. As a data source I use a Live-Data-Connection to a SAP BW.

To do so I have a filter to select specific projects, a table to display the data in numbers and a line diagram to show the course of cashflow.

There are weird things happening though:

  1. When selecting projects in the filter, some start to not show any data in the table. When selecting "all" however everything is fine. Other projects show data too, even when filtered. When adding the cumulated data for payments in the table, the projects not showing anything even change.
  2. When trying to display the cumulated data in a diagram, everything gets even weirder. In the picture you see the data of the table sorted by date. payments on the left, cumulated payments on the right. This works fine (if the specific project shows any data at all). #For some reason I cant upload any pictures here, I hope you get the problem with out any.# When now displaying the data in a line diagram, all the cumulated data are reversed. Showing the highest and final value for the very first date and going down. This doesn't make any sense to me, as the diagram is just supposed to show the data given by the table, where it is in the right order.

Does anyone know a solution for this?



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