Querying stock data


is someone visualizing stock prices?

I am searching a source which deliveries stock prices for a stock (AZ2) from Austria (ATX).

I found out that Google Finance is not offering an API anymore and didnt find a free API which offers small companies from a little index.

But maybe someone has experience and can recommend an API which does it and is reachable from SAC?



  • Hi Lukas,

    there is a standard connection in SAC to import data from DOW JONES.

    Just got to "Connections" -> "Add Connection" -> "Dow Jones".

    You might need an Dow Jones (Trial) Account to import those values.

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you but I think this source is than limited to Dow Jones or US stocks.

    But one can query quite a lot stock prices with the function googlefinance() in Google Docs, it is also possible to visualize there.

    An export and then import to SAC on a daily base should be also possible. But I guess this would be a nice feature for the SAC to provide the possibility to query a broad variety of financial data directly there (China, DAX, Gold, Oil...).

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