Installed R library Choroplethr

Hello Everyone 😆

I am trying to create a map using the R library choroplethr, but I am unable to load it correctly. The package appears in the installed packages list (, however I have been unable to use it.

Can someone clarify if this package is installed correctly?

I am able to verify my code is working correctly on my local Rstudio installation

See error below:


  • Hello Carlos,

    SAC tenants come with an R server that can be used for R visualizations. But it should be noted that R script executing on R sever is completely boxed. Which means it cannot access any resource, connect to any file outside the R server. Many R libraries can support such use-cases, however those kind of scripts will not work in R server that is available with SAC tenants. Choropleth seems to be violating that constraint and hence the issue. For such use-cases customers are recommended to host their own R servers and connect them to SAC tenant. No such restriction would exist in such cases.


    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

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