Download/Upload of Views and Stories

Hans PaulokatHans Paulokat Solution ArchitectUSA/CA
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The editor for ER models provides the functionality for uploading and downloading of models. Will similar functionality made available for views and stories or any other areas?


  • The plan for Data Warehouse Cloud would be that as some point in the future you could download stories as part of the ER Model

  • Hans PaulokatHans Paulokat Solution Architect USA/CA
    edited October 2019

    @Eric Schemer , does your statement '... download stories as part of the E/R model' imply that it will be possible in future to build stories on top of an E/R model. Currently this is not possible. E/R models don't really have any functional purpose in DWC (as of now),

  • I was more refering to a general download/upload fucntionality that we will need for example for shipping Business Content( SAP or partners)

    As part of that we will at some stage need to be able to import/export packages that include DWC artefacts (such as E/R Models, Analytical Models (Cubes) etc. but also artefacts from SAC (such as stories built on top)

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