Currency and Unit conversions issues in SAP DWC

harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions DeveloperIndia

I have tried the currency conversion and unit conversion in SAP DWC using the SQL functions CONVERT_CURRENCY and CONVERT_UNIT in Graphical view. But it throws the following error.

I have imported (data been imported into DWC Space) the necessary currency and unit tables from my ECC on HANA, using HANA connection. And the following is the expression/syntax that I have used,

CONVERT_CURRENCY("schema" => <SAP DWC SPACE NAME (where I have imported currency tables)>,"client" => '<CLIENT NO>', "amount" => 1, "source_unit" => 'INR', "target_unit" => 'USD', "reference_date" => '2020-01-10') 

Also, I have tried importing all my currency tables into an Open SQL Schema, but still it throws the same error,

CONVERT_CURRENCY("schema" => <OPEN SQL SCHEMA (where I have imported currency tables)>,"client" => '<CLIENT NO>', "amount" => 1, "source_unit" => 'INR', "target_unit" => 'USD', "reference_date" => '2020-01-10') 

I have also tried the same in SQL view, it says invalid SQL.

Is it a work in progress/limitation till date or let me know if I am missing any thing?

Thanks in advance,



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