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DWC OpenSQL access via JDBC Tools (e.g. DBeaver and SQuirrelSQL)

Attention: @Jascha Kanngiesser and @Stefan Hoffmann,

I am trying to use DBeaver jdbctool to access my DWC Space/Schema. I can connect with DBeaver but the tables I created via the DWC Data Builder UI do not appear in the DBeaver.

NOTE 1): I can see 2 schemas when I connect with DBeaver. The first is the schema: INSPIRED_INTELLECT#INSPIRED_INTELLECT but as I said before it is empty. However there is a second schema called SYS that contains a single table called DUMMY with a single CHAR(1) column called DUMMY and a single row/value = "X". I can see these in DBeaver.

NOTE 2): I also tried a second JDBC tool called SQuirrelSQL. same result as DBeaver.

Maybe, there is some kind of table access privilege that needs to be granted?

The connection is as follows:

JDBC driver: HANA

JDBC url:  jdbc:sap://

port: 28595


password: ************

other driver properties:

--> encrypt=true

--> validateCertificate=false


  • harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions Developer India

    @Jerry Platz,

    Till now, you can only expose the tables that are present in open SQL schema. And you cannot expose the tables/views inside your DWC spaces (tables created via DWC data builder UI).

    The purpose of Open SQL schema in DWC is, you can connect third party sources using any of the ETL (SQL talking) tools to ingest data into DWC (Open SQL Schema).

    Also, you create tables in Open SQL Schema using your DWC data builder UI.

    Thanks and Regards,


    March 3, 2020
  • @harikrishnans writes: "Also, you create tables in Open SQL Schema using your DWC data builder UI."

    We currently cannot see anything that I create in the DWC Data Builder. I have created and deployed a Relational table and it does not show up. How do we specify to create in the "Open SQL Schema" using DWC Data Builder?

    March 3, 2020
  • harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions Developer India

    @Jerry Platz, Sorry it was a typo, currently you cannot create tables in open sql schema using DWC data builder UI..



    March 3, 2020
  • Thanks @Roger Mathis! This will help me brush up on my German!

    However, I did discover a solution ... We are able to create the tables and load data into the DWC openSQL schema. Initially they do not show up in the Data Builder home page for tables. However, if I go to create a Graphical View and select the "Sources" tab then the openSQL schema shows up as a source. If I drag & drop a table then I get a popup that says that the table has been created and deployed. (Interesting). When I return to the Data Builder Home, I can now "see" the table and use it for things. Additionally, I believe the openSQL schema shows up when doing an E/R model.

    What is interesting (confusing?) is that the table looks the same as a table I create using the Data Builder Create Table or Create with CSV table. However, those UI created tables cannot be seen at all outside DWC. Obviously in a different hidden schema.

    We will see what happens when I go to use the new export/import facility to save my solution as a template. Will the E/R models and Graphical Views that I create in this fashion (with openSQL tables) be able to be exported/imported? Time will tell...

    March 4, 2020
  • Jascha KanngiesserJascha Kanngiesser Product Manager, Data Warehousing, SAP SE Walldorf, Germany mod

    Hi @Jerry Platz you will soon get the possibility to consume tables you created in DWC using the DWC tools in the Open SQL Schema. There will be a 'Publish' functionality for dimensions and analytical data sets.

    March 9, 2020
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