Write into tables / persist graphical view output

Hello all,

while developing and discovering the possibilities of DWC, I did not find a way to write data into a table (except .csv file upload).

Is there a way to persist the output of a graphical view?

How could a historization of the data, for example on a monthly basis, be currently implemented?

On the roadmap I found the planned feature “Creating a time dimension (for example to allow time series forecasting)” which could provide a similar function. (https://saphanacloudservices.com/data-warehouse-cloud/product-updates/product-roadmap-overview/)

Thanks and kind regards



  • harikrishnansharikrishnans BI Solutions Developer India

    Hi @TMTHS,

    We can persist the data from the sources, the option is available under Data Integration Monitor tab.

    But currently we cannot persist the data from the graphical views built inside DWC.



  • Hi @harikrishnans,

    thank you the idea of using the Data Integration Monitor. But after loading a new snapchot of a replicated table, the current state is no longer available, isn't it?

    Is there a possibility / will there a possibility to store snapshots for example on a monthly bases? Or even better storing the output of views into tables (kind of like using transformations in BW)?

    Historization is, besides live connections and caching, an important function.

    Thanks and kind regards


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