Hana built-in functions working different in DWC - flaw or intentionally?

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fooled a little bit around using Hana functions for calculated columns in Graphical views / SQL views. There are functions like substr_regexpr, which seem to be different in DWC. E.g. a syntax like

right('0' || substr_regexpr ('(\d*)\.(\d*)\.(\d*)(.*)' in '12.3.18 03:45 AM' group 2),2) as "Day"

is working fine in Hana (result: 03), in DWC I get the error : Mismatched IN, expecting ',', ')', '*', '+', '-', '/', '||'

Another flaw: when adding a column with syntax like 'to_decimal(<operations_on_string_source>, <precision> ,<scale>) as "alias" I would expect to get a column "alias" of type decimal that can be added to the measures of an SQL view of type Fact. Unfortunately the output of this operation is still a column of type string

Are these shortcomings of the Beta or - if not - is there a kind of documentation available describing this behaviour?

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