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How do I persist data in DWC extracting from Remote systems?

Hi All,

I can see lot of Guidance on How to remotely access data...  Also I see lot of inputs on loading data from local files like CSV....

But I am unable to see... how I can extract data from remote systems and persist the same in DWC. How do I persist data in DWC?

Any Hints? / Tips? Thank You Friends!

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    Hi Meyyappan,

    happy to assist here. In the data builder you can specify on a table level if you want to persist the data. By setting "Use Cache" to on, you tell the system to replicate the data into your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud space.

    Best Regards,


    September 18, 2019


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    Hi @Oliver Huth,

    seems to be another tenant; in our beta tenant this option is available on the table item only - and disabled for a linked table of the northwind database, exposed via odata - and for the model properties the dialog looks different

    Best Regards


    September 18, 2019
  • Hi @Oliver Huth

    Thank you for your response. We tried enabling cache option in DWC for one of the SAP ABAP Connector tables! If i do not enable cache, in DWC, I can see Data In Data Preview. But when we try to enable cache, we do not see any data in data preview.. nor the next steps on how to replicate data say via scheduling or one time replicate option..

    Is there any limitation in Beta Version to replicate/Persist data in DWC from Remote systems? if Not are there any guides available for the replication process?

    September 19, 2019
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    Hi @Meyyappan Somasundaram,

    Did you find any options on how to persist data from source systems in DWC.



    September 27, 2019
  • Ashok KaradagattaAshok Karadagatta SAP BI/HANA Lead Consultant India

    Hello Oliver,

    I did not find difference in switching on & off cache, either ways I am getting to see same no. records in preview.

    October 17, 2019
  • Hi Ashok,

    thanks for your question. The Use Cache Button enable you to specify whether the table is accessed virtually (OFF) or replicated to the SAP HANA database of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The Preview will be always be records of your view or table with up to 1000 records.

    I hope this helps,


    October 24, 2019
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