Internal error while deploying graphical view

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I am receiving below error while deploying newly created view. I was following module 5. i was able to save it successfully. Its not clear from the error what is it about.


An internal error occured.

An internal error occured:

Missing Implementation

Error: Missing Implementation

at Object.compileHana (/home/vcap/app/build-service/reuseComponents/deploy/src/plugins/table/native.js:94:19)

at TablePlugin.getHanaCmdList (/home/vcap/app/build-service/reuseComponents/deploy/src/plugins/table/plugin.js:73:38)

at TablePlugin.compile (/home/vcap/app/build-service/reuseComponents/deploy/src/plugins/table/plugin.js:27:31)

at (/home/vcap/app/build-service/reuseComponents/deploy/src/Deployer.js:322:49)

at (<anonymous>)

at DeploySession.<anonymous> (/home/vcap/app/build-service/reuseComponents/deploy/src/Deployer.js:320:68)

at (<anonymous>)

at fulfilled (/home/vcap/app/build-service/reuseComponents/deploy/src/Deployer.js:4:58)


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  • Great that someone else is facing the same issue.

    If you want to experience a successful deployment please create an odata connection to the Microsoft northwind database (URL: user and password whatever you want) and assign that to your space.

    Databuilder models consuming tables of that connection could be deployed in our tenant to the integrated SAC, but building stories there for these models failed. Model could not be assigned to the widget selected in the story (error loading live data connections....)

    DWC beta is a bumpy road, at least in our tenant. 😕

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