How to configure Proxy to reach on-promise BW

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Hello Experts

We currently having issues connecting OUR on-promise BW to DWC via the DPAgent, We have gone through the .ini file settings as well as the DPA connection steps.

Most of us are on-promise customers with firewalls, it is very important that SAP add the steps or provide info in DP agent trouble shooting guide on how to get and where do we get these proxy info. along with TROUBLE SHOOTING error codes and how to address it.

It appears that, there are many customers having the same issue and no response from community

 How to fill or where to get this info.

dpagentconfig.ini file

proxyHost=<your Proxy host>

proxyPort=<your Proxy port>


jdbc.proxyHost=<your Proxy host>

jdbc.proxyPort=<your Proxy Port>




Here is the error code from DP agent, certificate or firewall? error code 813?

C:\usr\sap\dataprovagent\sapjvm\bin>java -jar C:\usr\sap\dataprovagent\plugins\c -u DP_MSG_DAT


om:21351 -o encrypt=true

SQLException: SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sap:// [Cannot connect to host [General SSLEngine problem], -813.].



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