What's the difference between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, BW/4 HANA, and SQL DW?

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Hi everyone, my name is Jessica and I'm on the SAP HANA Cloud Services team. It's clear that SAP offers a ton of different data warehousing solutions including SAP Business Warehouse, SAP SQL Data Warehousing, and of course, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

What's the difference between the three data warehousing solutions and how can they be integrated with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

Read more here: https://saphanacloudservices.com/data-warehouse-cloud/resources/integrate-sap-data-warehouse-cloud-with-bw-4-hana-and-sql-dw/


  • Hi @Jessica Tse! I read the link that you shared and I have some doubts. I appreciateIf you could help me. 

    Analyzing product presentations, SAP DW Cloud is positioned on top of SAP BW/4 and/or HANA SQL DW. Are there any plans for new features in DW Cloud already existent in BW/4 and HANA SQL DW, eg: FlowGraph, Transformations and etc? Or is DW Cloud focused just on join and consolidating information from multiple sources (BW/4, S/4, oData e etc.)?


    Enio Terra

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    Hi @Enio Terra,

    The main difference is SAP DataWarehouse Cloud is a SaaS Solution while the others mentioned are on premise solutions. As we invest further in our on-premise products we see a lot of value investing in what we call hybrid scenarios in which you combine investments on premise with innovations in the cloud. Instead of forcing customers to switch gears immediately that offers customers choice to move workloads that are allowed to be moved into the cloud choosing the speed and time that our customer define.

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