How do I replicate data from an ABAP table into DWC?

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When we access a SAP source system, through an ABAP Connection type (via DP Agent), we are able to see SAPI Extractors, ABAP CDS Views, HANA tables, but not ABAP tables. How do we access data in ABAP tables? Is it only by creating ABAP CDS Views on top of them? What if it is an older system that does not have CDS Views.


  • Jascha KanngiesserJascha Kanngiesser Product Manager, Data Warehousing, SAP SE Walldorf, Germany mod

    Hi Somnath,

    only looking at the SDI / DP agent side you can whitelist the allowed contexts you can browse. By default only the BW, SAPI, and HANA context is enabled. To enable ABAP tables (or BAPI procedures), you can edit the ABAPAdapter. ini file in <DP Agent root>/configuration/ and add all allowed contexts to the UI.generic.context_whitelist parameter, i.e. like UI.generic.context_whitelist=ABAPTABLES,HANA,SAPI,BW,BAPI

    Now looking at DWC it seems like even with the ABAP context being whitelisted, in the DWC UI you can still only see the Extractor based contexts (BW, SAPI, HANA). I reached out to our engineering colleagues to check why ABAP tables are not visible even though I whitelisted them in my internal test system. I'll update you again once I get a reply.

    Best, Jascha

  • Jascha KanngiesserJascha Kanngiesser Product Manager, Data Warehousing, SAP SE Walldorf, Germany mod

    @Somnath Kumar I got a reply from development that the current approach and recommended way is to use the HANA adapter to connect to the tables. As each table you create in ABAP is available in the corresponding ABAP schema in the HANA database, you can access the data directly there. Also you avoid to route the data thru the application server first, but directly transfer it from the database to Data Warehouse Cloud. Does this help?

  • @Jascha Kanngiesser Unfortunately, this does not help. There are many customers who have SAP ERP, SAP BW, SAP CRM, SAP SRM systems that are not on HANA or they are planning to move to S/4HANA in the future. They might want to merge data from their legacy SAP ERP systems and their newer S/4HANA systems (as their S/4HANA is rolled out in a phased module-by-module or country-by-country manner). How will they get their data into DWC? The only way is to create a BW Datasource on top of these tables and connect via the SAPI context. We wanted to avoid creating such BW datasources purely to connect to DWC.

  • Jascha KanngiesserJascha Kanngiesser Product Manager, Data Warehousing, SAP SE Walldorf, Germany mod

    Hi @Somnath Kumar I'll circle back with development about this and let you know!

  • @Jascha Kanngiesser: Are there any news regarding the access to ABAP tables with the ABAP adapter from DWC?

    I'm in the same situation as Somnath Kumar: We have a lot of source systems, which are not on HANA yet, but we need access to the tables. Otherwise the whole DWC makes no sense to us, because it's impossible to develop any of our use cases...

    Please update,

    many thanks.

  • Stefan HoffmannStefan Hoffmann Chief Product Expert Walldorf mod


    as Jascha mentioned already ABAP tables are not visible in DWC using the ABAP Adapter. Only SAPI (Extractors), BW und CDS objects are visible. To make a ABAP table visible you can either wrap it by creating a ABAP CDS View on top and annotate it as described in that blog or you can use transaction RS02 to create a generic extractor on top.

    During the course of the year we will introduce a much more powerful way to extract ABAP based tables into DWC (see for a lab preview).

    Until this is available the options today are

    1. if Netweaver Release < 7.50 Call Transaktion RS02 and create a generic extractor
    2. if Netweaver Release >= 7.5: Create ABAP CDS View

    Best regards


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